4 Devices to Increase Your Comfort

You want to save energy, extend your HVAC system’s lifespan, increase your indoor air quality, and raise the value of your Tallahassee, Florida, home. Discover how programmable thermostats, energy recovery ventilators, and air purifiers are among some of the best devices to help you and your family feel comfortable in your home.

Programmable Thermostats

A programmable or smart thermostat can adjust the temperature in your home automatically to conserve energy. Set the thermostat to an energy-savings setting when you’re at work or sleeping and a separate setting to make your home more comfortable before you arrive home or wake up. You can keep your house as warm or cool as you want while controlling your utility costs. Some models allow you to set one heating and cooling schedule for weekends and one for weekdays. Others have different options available for every day of the week and vacations.

You can control many programmable thermostats wirelessly with your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Smart thermostats need only minimal programming because they can connect to cameras or motion sensors and respond to your family’s household routine over time. Many of these devices have color touchscreens, and they can monitor your home’s humidity and make changes to improve your comfort. Some of them can remind you to change your HVAC system’s air filter and schedule regular HVAC system maintenance.

Air Purifiers

Many homes contain high-quality insulation to prevent air leaks and control utility costs. However, insulation cannot stop pollutants such as pollen, pet dander, dirt, dust, or biological growth from entering your house through open windows and doors. With an air purifier or air cleaner, you can remove many of these contaminants and improve your indoor air quality. You can also reduce unpleasant smells, rashes, eye irritation, and allergy or asthma symptoms. The filters in some air purifiers can trap some forms of viruses and bacteria and keep them from spreading throughout your home.

An air cleaner can also reduce the workload for your HVAC system’s air filter and save energy by keeping your system’s airflow high as well. HVAC service professionals can install a whole-home unit in your ductwork, or you can use a portable model to purify the air in one or two rooms at a time.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) can remove stale indoor air without wasting energy. It operates like a heat pump to exchange air inside your home with a fresh supply of outdoor air. Many types of ERVs also have an air filter to keep outdoor air pollutants from entering your home.

These devices can also vent odors and exhaust fumes from cooking appliances and fuel-burning units outside your home. Additionally, ERVs can remove volatile organic compounds or VOCs such as acetone, formaldehyde, xylene, and ammonia. These substances can be found in many household cleaners, air fresheners, paints, and glues.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can create a cooling breeze during the summer and help air circulate through your home throughout the year. They can also allow you to use your HVAC system less, reduce noise levels, and save energy without sacrificing your comfort. If your ceiling fan model allows you to change the direction of the fan blade rotation, you can use a ceiling fan to help you during the winter. When you change the direction of the fan blades to turn clockwise instead of counterclockwise, this action will direct warm air that normally rises toward the ceiling back down into rooms below to make the spaces feel warmer and more comfortable.

Ceiling fans are available in many different sizes, colors, and styles to complement your decor. Family members or guests can use them to make one room feel warmer or cooler without changing the temperature throughout the rest of your house.

At Advanced Air Care Heating and Cooling, our experienced technicians can help you increase your home’s comfort and help you to save money with a variety of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality products and services. To learn about more ways to keep your home comfortable, contact us at 850-688-9265.

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