HVAC Maintenance for Tallahassee, Crawfordville, FL & More

An air conditioner is similar to a car in that both have a variety of complex motors, electronics and high-tech components. While everyone understands the importance of regular vehicle maintenance, many fail to apply the same standard to AC equipment. Preventative air conditioner maintenance is critical to maximize system performance, reduce repair costs and extend the life of your equipment.

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Spring: AC Checklist

  • Clean and clear drain lines
  • Add algae treatment
  • Check system components like coils, refrigerant charge, fan, compressor amps, capacitors and contractors
  • Change out disposable filters
  • Clean indoor and outdoor coils
  • Inspect defrost controls, fans and blower
  • Analyze temperature splits, voltage fluctuations and amperage draw
  • Test programmable thermostat and reset if necessary
  • Clear condensate obstructions and clean drain pan
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Lubricate bearings and motors
  • Clean cabinets and remove debris from condenser grille
  • Balance registers
  • Test and adjust operating pressures if necessary
  • Inspect electrical connections and contractors
  • Test capacitors, relays, compressor and metering device
  • Comb and straighten coil fins

Heating Checklist

    • Clean and clear drain lines


  • Add algae treatment
  • Check system components like coils, refrigerant charge, fan, compressor amps, capacitors and contractors
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Test and adjust the burners
  • Run a gas input analysis
  • Replace disposable filters
  • Inspect and test the heat exchanger for breaches
  • Inspect and recalibrate the blower assembly
  • Inspect and reset the thermostat if necessary
  • Test and adjust the ignition system
  • Measure the gas pressure to the unit and adjust if necessary
  • Adjust blower belt alignment and fix tension
  • Regulate combustion for maximum efficiency
  • Inspect combustion chamber
  • Inspect and test the b-vent pipe assembly
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Test for amp drive and continuity across the blower motor

Advanced Air Care’s Maintenance Plan Agreement:

  • 15% discount on repairs
  • Priority service
  • Scheduled reminders
  • $99 one time PM Service charge and $59 filter replacement charge
  • $179 semi-annual charge one visit in the spring and one in the fall
  • $59 filter replacement charge is standard
  • $79 per visit for each additional system if needed

Maintenance Plan Benefits

Some contractors disappear after a new air conditioner is installed, but we provide ongoing service that includes maintenance plan coverage options for as long as you own your equipment. You receive many benefits from preventative maintenance when the work is performed by a licensed, professional contractor.

Reduced Utility Bills: We clean and performance test your air conditioner to ensure it is producing the right quantity of conditioned air. Maximizing efficiency helps minimize power costs.
Improved Comfort: There are many things that affect comfort, including airflow restrictions, clogged filters and dirty coils. Our technicians make sure your system is optimized for the best performance, which results in better comfort.

Lower Repair Costs: Worn and compromised components place additional stress on other parts, which can ultimately lead to a catastrophic failure. Tuned and cleaned air conditioners are better prepared for the brutal heat and humidity of Florida summers.

Extended Equipment Life: Properly serviced air conditioners accumulate fewer run time hours while providing the same BTU capacity. Lower system wear and tear translates into a longer equipment lifecycle with fewer repairs.

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