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If you are experiencing high utility costs, cold spots and drafts this winter, it may be time to consider a heater replacement. When the weather cools off, will your heating appliance be up to the challenge? Older furnaces and heat pumps are less efficient and can experience frequent breakdowns. If you are considering replacing your existing central heater, always select a heating installation company that is experienced in every phase of the heating installation process.

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Why You Need a Professional for Heater Installation

While there are many tasks around your home suitable for handymen and do-it-yourselfers, the installation of a furnace or heat pump is not one of them. Heating appliances are complex machines that contain numerous parts and run on high-voltage electricity. In fact, only an experienced, licensed HVAC contractor has the tools and skill required to make sure your new unit is installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and local codes. At Advanced Air Care, we represent the best brands of central heating products in the industry. Our factory partners provide training and ongoing support that ensures your new unit will provide exceptional comfort and efficiency. In many cases, monthly utility cost savings can actually pay for the unit over the life of the equipment. When our team finishes your installation, you’ll know your unit will perform to exacting standards while providing exceptional efficiency over an extended lifecycle.

Proper Heating Design and Installation

For the best equipment performance, your heating contractor should match the capacity of the system to your home’s heating load requirements. A replacement furnace or heat pump should never be installed until the impact of windows, insulation and the building envelope are figured into the equation. Two homes of identical size can have completely different BTU capacity requirements, depending on how they were built. At Advanced Air Care, we understand that our service techs are guests in your home as they install your new equipment. We always strive to stick to the construction schedule without sacrificing quality. After the equipment is set and the final connections are made, we always performance-test the system to verify the right amount of warm air is reaching every room in the building.

Heating Equipment Options

For both residential and light commercial applications, the selection of equipment is usually based on fuel costs and availability.
  • Furnace: Modern furnaces are available in efficiencies up to 98 percent and include a variety of safety and convenience features.
  • Heat Pump: Heat pumps work just like air conditioners except when they are in the heating mode. Unlike a furnace that burns fossil fuel, a heat pump extracts warmth from the outdoor air and transfers it into the living area.

Your Tallahassee Heating Professionals

The HVAC experts at Advanced Air Care encourage you to learn more about the numerous advantages of installing a new furnace or heat pump. Our representatives can answer all your questions and schedule an appointment for a free system evaluation.

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