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Geothermal heat is one of the most energy efficient, low-impact ways to heat your home. Tallahassee, Florida winters can be chilly, but geothermal heating can help keep your house cozy even during the coldest days without breaking the bank. We’ve created a mini-guide to help you learn about these fantastic systems. Move Not Make Underneath […]

Residents of Tallahassee, Florida, are no strangers to humidity. We handle it like champs. But we won’t lie that the end of summer, and thus the end of high humidity, brings a bit of relief. While in winter you may not have to deal with the high humidity of a Floridian summer, winter requires you […]

Each season comes with its own home maintenance tasks, and fall is no exception. Though the Panacea, Florida, area doesn’t experience the same chill you might find in other parts of the country, the autumn months still bring a distinct set of challenges. Make sure you’re on top of these important seasonal jobs so you […]

It’s easy to cut spending on things you can see. You don’t need that new TV or the new outfit. You can easily look at how much food you really need this week and budget accordingly. Cutting utility costs, however, can be more difficult. You’re dealing with energy, and while you can physically experience the […]

When you need a new HVAC system, it’s not always easy to find the brand name that suits your Tallahassee, Florida, home. There are many reputable brands to choose from, which may make choosing confusing.  If you aren’t sure which brand of HVAC system to pick, check out seasonal efficiency energy ratio (SEER) ratings and […]

It’s one thing to keep floating pollen particles from getting into your home, but the air quality threats you really need to worry about are the things you can’t see. The bacteria. The viruses. The mold and mildew spores. All of these will likely cause more damage to your health than some annoying pollen. Fortunately […]

Remodeling your garage is easier and less expensive than building a new addition. You can improve the value of your Tallahassee, Florida, home with a new bedroom, study, or children’s playroom. Remodeling is a great way to give your family more space, but you’ll need to make your garage attractive and fun to spend time […]

Too many homeowners think of their HVAC system only when it stops working. Ongoing maintenance is the key to energy efficiency and system longevity for your air conditioner. Make sure your Crawfordsville, Florida, home is never without the air that it needs this summer. Sign up for a HVAC maintenance plan with Advanced Air Care […]

When you’re on vacation and away from your Tallahassee, Florida, home, you don’t want to spend money on utilities you aren’t using. It’s tempting to shut off anything using electricity while you are away, but sometimes it can actually cause bigger problems than a high utility bill.  The Rewards If you want to save money, […]

Whether you’re looking for better ways to heat and to cool your home or you’re constructing an addition to your Crawfordsville, Florida, home, ductless mini-splits are reinventing home comfort. They don’t require a central unit, eliminating bulky and expensive HVAC components. Plus, they offer the perfect temperature year-round. If you’re searching for an efficient method […]