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Indoor air quality (IAQ) has become a serious health concern as the incidence of childhood asthma escalates to near epidemic proportions. While many people plan for days when the outdoor air has high levels of pollen or smog, they rarely think about the air inside their home or office. In fact, the EPA has named poor indoor air quality as one of the top five most pressing environmental hazards.

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Air Quality Testing

Advanced Air Care provides indoor air quality testing services for those in Tallahassee and the surrounding area. Most IAQ issues are hidden and difficult to diagnose. In most instances, homeowners are only alerted to a problem when a family member experiences chronic respiratory illness, allergies, skin problems or eye irritation. Based on your symptoms, we use sophisticated testing equipment to isolate the offending contaminants and identify the source. Although there are numerous types of environmental pollutants, initial testing is typically focused on substances and organisms that are the common cause of most IAQ problems.
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Mold
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Combustion-related by-products
  • VOCs
While it may appear that indoor air quality testing revolves around meters and measurements, the skill of the technician is critical to properly interpret the data. Our techs are experienced and trained in environmental diagnostics, building systems and pressure testing. Combined with a thorough inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report that provides detailed information and specific remediation recommendations.

Air Quality Products

Homes and commercial buildings with air quality problems can be difficult to address, so we utilize a variety of critical components to implement a comprehensive IAQ strategy.
  • Air Purifiers: Air filters are a foundational element in an effective IAQ system. Modern filters have the capacity to trap up to 99 percent of ultra-fine particles down to .3 microns. Most HVAC professionals recommend a filter with a MERV 7 rating, but it’s important to verify your system has the necessary static pressure to accommodate a high efficiency filter.
  • Humidification: A healthy level of humidity is critical for promoting good health. If the indoor air is too dry, irritants remain airborne longer. This creates a greater chance for inhalation and respiratory distress. A central humidifier can help maintain a level of humidity between 30-40 percent in the winter. Conversely, excessive humidity can allow mold and fungi to grow. A properly sized air conditioning system will remove excess humidity to inhibit the growth of toxic organisms.
  • Ventilation: Tight homes eliminate fresh air pathways, and contaminants build up inside the living area, which creates an unhealthy environment. Mechanical ventilators introduce a constant stream of fresh air from outside while stale indoor air is simultaneously exhausted outdoors. Certain models offer a recovery feature that recaptures a portion of the energy typically lost during the exchange process.

Complete IAQ Services

For complete indoor air quality services, call the professionals at Advanced Air Care. We can test your home to identify airborne toxins and design a plan to help keep the indoor air healthy and smelling fresh.

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