8 Bad Habits That Cause Your Utility Bills to Soar

Are you tired of the high utility costs of your Crawfordville, Florida, home? Perhaps you have poor energy management habits that can be improved. By adjusting your habits and making crucial lifestyle alterations, you can improve your home energy efficiency and keep your utility costs down. Let’s consider eight bad habits that can cause your utility bills to soar.

Maintaining a High Temperature Difference

If you set your HVAC system to maintain an indoor temperature that’s significantly higher or lower than the temperature outside, the system will use more energy. This energy inefficiency can lead to high utility bills. To avoid this scenario, make sure the internal and external temperatures aren’t vastly different. Try adjusting your thermostat to a higher or lower setting in the summer and the winter, respectively.

Allowing Continual Power Flow Into Your Electronics

If you keep your electronics plugged in 24/7, they will continue to use electricity. Turning off the power button isn’t enough, as it merely puts the appliances on standby. The electricity will continue flowing and costing you money. Instead, unplug electronics after you use them. Or, plug them into a power strip, and switch it off after you’re done using those electronics to cut the power flow and conserve energy.

Forgetting to Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

You are courting potential energy inefficiency if you forget to schedule regular HVAC maintenance or skip it to keep your household expenses down. You could fail to realize that your HVAC components are worn out and need replacing, or you might miss other existing issues. Without a timely resolution, these issues could seriously damage your HVAC system. You could end up spending more on repairs and utility bills in the long run.

The wiser course is to schedule residential HVAC maintenance in the spring and fall. You should also clean the system regularly, replace the air filter every month or once every three months, and keep up with other minor maintenance tasks.

Relying on an Inefficient HVAC System

While being frugal can save you money, it might not be a sensible choice when it comes to keeping your old HVAC unit in operation. Older HVAC systems tend to have high energy requirements that can drive up your utility bill. Installing a new HVAC system might be more cost-effective than hanging onto your old one. If it has a 15 or higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), it will also be more energy-efficient.

Neglecting to Program Your Smart Thermostat

If you forget to program your smart thermostat, you might miss out on significant annual savings. To get the full benefit of a smart thermostat, turn the temperature up in summer and down in winter when you are away from home or asleep.

Running Energy-Hogging Appliances

If you have large electrical appliances that require a lot of energy for operation, use them in moderation. For instance, use your washing machine and dishwasher only when they are fully loaded. You can also use a lower heat setting for the dryer and use the appropriate washing cycles.

Not Using Lighting Judiciously

If you keep your lights on during the day or in unoccupied rooms, you are asking for a high utility bill. Using ceiling rather than directional lights to illuminate an entire room can also prove costly. To keep your expenses under control, leave lights off during the day. Open the blinds or the curtains instead to get natural light. Make a point of switching off the lights when you leave a room. Consider using lamps instead of ceiling lights, and switch to LED bulbs for more energy efficiency.

Overlooking Air Leaks in Your Home

Do you have areas in your home from where air can leak in or escape out? This unwanted air transfer makes your HVAC system work harder to compensate, increasing utility costs. Seal air leaks by insulating around doors and windows and in attic spaces.

By making a few changes in your daily habits, you can improve your energy efficiency and have a well-functioning HVAC system. For annual HVAC maintenance, schedule an appointment with Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling, LLC by calling us at 850-688-9265.

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