Equip Your Guest Room with Five-Star Comforts

The holidays are fast approaching, and with them come many occasions for special guests in your home. If you have visitors heading in to stay with you in Crawfordville, Florida, make sure you’re equipped to keep them as comfortable as possible. It’s important for guests to feel at home. As an added bonus, the right upgrades to your guest room comforts can often improve comfort in other parts of the home as well. Try these tricks for a five-star experience.

Arrange the Room Carefully

When setting up your guest room, plan for the unique needs of a visitor and arrange the furniture here a bit differently. Offer convenient places for setting down bags, such as a bench or chest at the foot of the bed. Leave open space and empty hangers in the closet or armoire, and prepare a few empty drawers in the dresser.

If you have the space, prepare a seating area with a reading lamp and side table for private relaxation, or supply a desk with essentials like note paper or even local postcards. Locate the air registers in your guest room and make sure they’re fully open and unobstructed by any furniture. Keep the bed away from windows, where light and noise is more bothersome. Make sure your windows are well-sealed with fresh weatherstripping so that your guests can enjoy the full comfort of your heating system with no drafts.

Layer the Bedding

Every individual has his or her own personal preferences when it comes to nighttime comfort. Make it easy for your guests to arrange their optimum sleeping situation by providing an assortment of bedding options. Layer sheets, a blanket, and a comforter on the bed so your visitors can choose how much warmth they want. A throw blanket at the foot of the bed is another welcome addition.

Provide an assortment of pillows, at least two-deep on each side of the bed so your guests have the choice of a softer pillow and a firmer option. Providing ample opportunities for customization is key when you’re setting up a sleeping space for visitors.

Handle the Humidity

Dry air is a common problem in the winter months. Make your holiday visitors as comfortable as possible by keeping the humidity levels in your home a bit higher. Some signs of low humidity in the home include dry, cracked skin, irritated sinuses, sore throat, itchy eyes, and static on clothes or carpet.

If you’re struggling with dry air, consider a whole-home humidifier to help improve the situation. This is a simple solution for better indoor air quality that you and your guests are sure to appreciate.

Prepare a Welcome Basket

Upgrade your guest room to a five-star level with a little gift basket for your guests. Tuck in some nice toiletries and special snacks. If you’re planning to visit local highlights, grab a few brochures so they can get excited for your agenda. If you have cozy comforts like a wax warmer or oil diffuser in your guest room, provide wax tarts or essential oil blends in a variety of aromas. These little extras go a long way toward making holiday visitors feel special.

Provide for Guests While You’re Out

If you won’t be at home for part of your guests’ stay, make sure they have everything they’ll need while you’re away. Provide a handy information sheet in your guest room with key details like your Wi-Fi password, the location of the nearest drug store, and the phone number for your favorite pizza delivery place. Update the settings for your programmable thermostat so it doesn’t turn down the temperature while you’re out and instead maintains comfortable settings for the occupied home.

Make sure your home is well-equipped to keep your guests comfortable by checking that your home’s heating and cooling systems are up-to-date with essential maintenance. If you haven’t had a tuneup in the last year, sneak one in now before you start hosting seasonal guests. Make your appointment with Advanced Air Care by calling 850-688-9265.

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