New HVAC System Technology Saves Money and Keeps You More Comfortable

Are the heating and cooling costs for your Tallahassee home unusually high? High utility bills may have many causes, but one common culprit is old and outdated HVAC hardware. Heating and cooling technologies are constantly advancing, providing greater comfort while saving you money every month. Whether you’re looking for a new system installation or an upgrade, there’s never been a better time for a new HVAC system. Here are just a few innovative new technologies that can improve your comfort and keep more money in your wallet.

Two-Stage Compressors

Running your air conditioning at full blast feels great on a steamy summer day. During milder weather, however, it’s just downright wasteful. The problem is that sticky humidity means you may still need your air conditioning even on mild days in Tallahassee. This often leads to unnecessary energy consumption as your HVAC system cycles on and off in a futile attempt to maintain a comfortable temperature.

That’s where 2-stage compressors come in. Unlike older air conditioning systems, newer systems equipped with 2-stage compressors offer the flexibility to manage a range of conditions. On hot days, you can crank your air all the way up to keep it as cold as you like. When the temperature mellows a bit, the system kicks into an energy-saver mode to provide only the cooling you need. Best of all, this two-stage action also applies to heating. Considering the Panhandle rarely sees extreme cold, you may go the entire winter without leaving low-power mode.

Variable Speed Motors

One of the most important factors in the efficiency and comfort of your home is your HVAC system’s airflow. Unfortunately, many systems are equipped with fan motors that only operate at a single speed. As a result, these systems frequently produce a much higher airflow rate than is needed to maintain comfort. As with single-stage compressors, this leads to your HVAC system cycling frequently and overshooting your set temperature.

To address this problem, many new system installations feature variable speed motors. These motors allow for precise and adjustable control of the amount of conditioned air your HVAC system produces. This helps you keep your home at exactly the temperature you prefer with very little wasted energy. Variable motors are also highly useful for controlling moisture, ensuring that you’re always comfortable in your home.

HVAC Zoning

Managing temperatures across an entire home is a deceptively complex task. One issue is that different rooms may have different heating or cooling needs. You may prefer to keep your common areas at a specific temperature year-round. Conversely, a room that’s rarely used may not need to be conditioned at all. You may also prefer to keep certain rooms warmer or cooler than others. This is difficult to achieve with older HVAC systems.

With newer technologies, however, HVAC zoning is a piece of cake. Zoning is simply the practice of dividing your home into distinct zones and controlling each of them independently. Ductless mini-split systems are especially useful in this regard. They deliver heating and cooling directly where it’s needed without the need for a complicated duct system. They can also help you eliminate the significant amount of energy that’s lost through traditional ductwork. Variable fans, programmable smart thermostats and other new technologies can also help you maintain your comfort more efficiently.

HVAC technology has come a very long way in a short period of time. Today’s HVAC systems are smarter, more capable and more efficient than ever before. If you’re in the market for a new installation, or if your system is beginning to show its age, it may pay to take a look around. To find out more about how new HVAC technologies can keep you comfortable and put more money in your wallet, check out Advanced Air Care Heating and Cooling’s new HVAC systems or call 850-688-9265 to speak with a friendly representative.

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