3 Causes of a Heat Pump Blowing Cool Air in Heating Mode in Crawfordville, FL

Heat pumps have gained popularity, becoming the ideal home comfort system in Crawfordville, FL. Despite being energy efficient and dependable, they encounter problems occasionally, such as the pump blowing cold air despite being in heat mode. This can be due to the heat pump freezing, being in defrost mode or blowing slightly cool air.

1. The Heat Pump May Have Faulty Components

The system might, in some instances, develop issues that will need repair in order for the heat pump to stop blowing cold air. These common causes may include the reverse valve becoming faulty, leaking refrigerant lines or other faulty components. All of these issues require a prompt response by your HVAC technician for servicing and replacement.

2. The HVAC System Might Be in Defrost Mode

The majority of heat pumps function essentially as reverse air conditioners, thus, producing warm and cold air, allowing the heat pump to go into defrost mode. Since defrost mode is practically the same as cooling mode, your heat pump will blast cool air when in this mode while melting up ice buildup in your outdoor unit.

3. System Might Blow Slightly Cool Air

Heat pumps blow out controlled warm air of between 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, unlike the furnace blowing out hot air from burning fuel. While this isn’t hot, it’s warm enough to keep your home comfortable.

However, the temperature is lower than your body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, making it feel like cooler air. Before calling for maintenance, you should try measuring the air temperature of the output with a thermometer to check for a difference between the air temperature outside and the output by the heating system. If there’s no difference, this means that there’s a legitimate problem with the system.

If you have this issue with your system, contact our team at Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling for heat pump services, air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality and ductless mini-split system services, among other HVAC services in Crawfordville, FL. We can answer any questions you have about your system.

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