3 HVAC Noises You Should Never Ignore

The HVAC system at your house in Tallahassee, Florida, will make some noises as it works — some sounds are just normal, like air flowing in the ductwork or your thermostat clicking on. However, you need to watch out for unusual HVAC noises. Some sounds could be because of age, but you should never ignore noises like hissing, rattling, or grinding.


Hissing sounds inside your house could be because of cracked and leaking ductwork. Leaky ductwork means that all of your conditioned air isn’t getting where it needs to inside your house, which means your system has to work harder to get to your desired temperature. Hissing around the outdoor unit could mean a coolant leak, which a professional should address.


If your HVAC system makes rattling noises, the cause could be fan problems. Luckily this is a quick repair by a professional technician. Ignoring the concern could cause harm to other areas, leading to more costly repairs down the line or even having to completely replace your unit.

Do not continue to run your system if there is a fan problem, as it could worsen the situation. If there are rattling sounds, shut down your unit until an HVAC repair technician takes a look at the issue.


If there is high-pitched squealing or grinding, the reason could be a problem with a moving part in the HVAC system. This can indicate something that should be resolved swiftly to keep your system in good shape.

First, take a look at your filter and switch your unit off and then on. If the sound continues or starts again later, turn off your system and call an HVAC repair technician. The issue could be a simple blown or worn belt, or it could be a more severe concern like a motor or pump failure.

Some HVAC noises are normal, but you should watch out for the above three as they are warning signs. If you hear any of the above coming from your HVAC unit, immediately contact Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling, LLC at 850-688-9265 to identify and repair the cause, and restore your HVAC system to top condition again.

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