3 Ways Pets Affect Your HVAC System

Have you ever considered how your pets play a part in your Tallahassee, FL, HVAC system’s efficiency? Discover the various ways your pets impact how well your HVAC system performs its job.

Tracking in Dirt and Debris

Dirt and dust get stuck in your pet’s fur and paws as they play outside. Unfortunately, pets track all of this back into your home when they re-enter. This dust, pollen, fur, and more is circulated with your indoor air and accumulates on your HVAC system air filters. Dirty or clogged air filters make your system work harder and lowers your energy efficiency, costing your more on y our monthly energy bills.

Shedding Gets Inside HVAC System

As a pet owner, you’ve probably gotten used to the shedding. There’s a larger issue to consider beyond the irritation that occurs when fur or hair gets in your carpet, on your furniture and all over your clothes, though.

This shedding process disrupts your HVAC system when pet hair becomes lodged inside the vents and air filters. Your AC unit must run harder than normal when the filters won’t allow air to pass through easily. This results in the need for AC repair when the compressor or blower belt breaks down, for example.


Your pet’s skin and hair particles make up what’s called dander. This clogs air filters in a similar fashion to pet hair. If your AC unit isn’t working at optimal efficiency, it can’t properly improve your home’s indoor air quality when pet dander enters your breathing space.

If you’re concerned about the effect your pets may have on your AC system, contact one of our friendly Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling representatives so that we can schedule an AC system tune-up. We’ll make sure your air conditioner keeps your family comfortable all summer long.

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