4 Differences Between Heat Pumps and Furnaces in Tallahassee, FL

In Tallahassee, FL, you may keep your house comfortable during the winter by using a heat pump or a furnace. Both devices deliver heat, but there are four differences between heat pumps and furnaces.

A Brief Overview

A furnace is a heating appliance that relies on fuel and a fan, and the fuel is typically gas or oil. The furnace transfers hot air into ductwork. As a flame powers a furnace, furnaces tend to blow warmer air than a heat pump does.

A heat pump does not require fuel or generate heat. Instead, it pulls heat from outdoors and uses it to warm your home. In cooler months, a heat pump can operate in reverse, cooling like an air conditioner.

Energy Efficiency

While there are furnaces with eco-friendly engineering, they can’t compare to heat pumps. The most eco-friendly furnace is about 95% efficient and still powered by fuels like gas. Heat pumps use electricity, so your Tallahassee, FL, home’s carbon footprint will be smaller.


Heat pumps don’t have the lifespan of a furnace. A well-maintained furnace can last up to 20 years while a heat pump usually lasts anywhere from 12 to 15 years.

A furnace is a seasonal appliance that may not require a lot of maintenance, usually just once per year. With year-round use of a heat pump, there is typically more maintenance that may be needed. Furnaces also have a less complicated build, which means fewer components to break down.

Home Comfort

Air generated by a heat pump isn’t typically as hot as that of a furnace because furnaces create actual heat while a pump extracts warm air to circulate. However, most heat pumps contain a heat strip that helps produce warm air when temperatures drop and warm air isn’t otherwise available.


A heat pump has a harder time outputting heat on extremely cold days. It may require a supplemental system, like a dual-fuel system, or heat strip during colder periods.

If you want a recommendation on whether to install a heat pump or a furnace in Tallahassee, FL, contact Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling today for the best heating solutions. Our professionals will help you evaluate your needs and budget, so you can choose the right heating system for your home.

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