4 Signs Your AC in Crawfordville, FL, Needs Replacing

Are you a homeowner wondering when to replace your air conditioner in Crawfordville, FL? Understanding some of the warning signs of a failing or outdated AC system will help you with your decision.

1. Aging System

Your air conditioner should serve you for about 10 – 15 years, depending on the model and maintenance you provide. Therefore, if your AC is old and malfunctioning, it might need replacing. This is because, no matter the number of repairs, it might never be able to function efficiently and reliably as it once did.

Furthermore, contemporary AC systems boast higher energy efficiency capabilities, reducing monthly utility expenses. They’re also available in different designs and sizes to meet your family’s needs. Upgrading to a newer model can lower your energy costs while increasing comfort.

2. It Needs Frequent Repairs

It’s normal to have an annual AC maintenance service to check refrigerant levels, condensate line blockages and for regular cleaning. If your unit requires frequent repairs, though, replacing it could be more practical than continuing to pay for repair and maintenance work.

3. Signs of Leaks

Leaks from an AC system can come from different causes. There might be moisture building up around your AC or leaking refrigerant. Both lead to compromised service delivery and might call for repair or a complete replacement.

A refrigerant leak can also endanger your health and loved ones. Leaking water can attract the growth of microbial contaminants in your walls, wood and carpets. Accumulated contaminants can still result in costly repairs for your home, even after your AC’s replacement.

4. Electrical Issues

Another key indicator for repairing or possibly replacing your air conditioner is damage to the electrical elements of the system. Frayed wires or loose connections can cause this type of damage to your system’s electrical components. Electrical problems are hazardous and require immediate attention to prevent home fires.

Your home’s comfort and proper temperature maintenance depend on the effectiveness of your AC system. Contact Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling LLC for professional AC repair and other services.

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