4 Signs Your Geothermal HVAC in Tallahassee, FL, Needs Repairs

A geothermal HVAC system will display certain signs when it has an issue that requires repairs. This guide breaks down four of the most common geothermal HVAC signs that you’ll need to know as a homeowner in Tallahassee, FL.

1. Inaccurate Temperatures

A geothermal HVAC unit interacts with the soil underneath it and a refrigerant supply in order to produce hot and cold air. As a result, when your geothermal system’s heating and cooling efficiency is no longer consistent, the hardware likely needs maintenance or repair.

In some cases, a geothermal system’s internal hardware could cause temperature inconsistencies. Typically, when a malfunction causes temperature problems, a brand-new blower motor or a replacement coil could resolve the problem.

2. Increased Geothermal HVAC Energy Bills

Geothermal systems have hardware that conserves energy during cycles. However, there are situations that can make a geothermal system less efficient. The biggest threat is the age of a system; a unit that’s very old will lose its overall efficiency rating.

If your energy bill is constantly rising while you run a fairly new geothermal HVAC system, its hardware has a problem. Usually, an energy-efficient geothermal system will waste energy when its refrigerant coil or compressors consistently activate electric resistant heat, which is mainly a backup mode.

3. Humidity Problems

Whenever the humidity in your home is poor during heating cycles, your geothermal unit has an airflow problem, a staging problem or a refrigerant leak. Each of these issues can restrict a geothermal system’s ability to dehumidify a home.

4. Odd Sounds Within the Geothermal HVAC Pump

Your geothermal system will produce weird sounds when it needs maintenance or repairs. If you hear grinding, the hardware has a mechanical issue.

To protect your geothermal HVAC system, you should hire a technician when you notice these signs. If your equipment requires repairs, call Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling. We optimize and repair all types of geothermal systems.

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