4 Tips to Control Allergens and Improve Air Quality in Tallahassee

Modern homes in Tallahassee are more energy efficient now than ever before. While this is great for your utility bills and the environment, it’s not as great for your indoor air quality. In fact, your indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. With spring here and summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to take a few steps to make your indoor air healthier. Here are four tips to control spring allergens and improve indoor air quality.

Install an Air Purification System

Air purification systems clean and ventilate your home’s air. They have the technology to capture as much as 99% of floating air particles. An air purifier can eliminate the triggers that cause asthma attacks since they trap dust and pet dander allergens.

Keep Your Animals Groomed

Indoor air pollution is often caused by pet dander. Improve your home’s indoor air quality by regularly grooming your pets. Brush them frequently with a brush designed to trap animal hair. Also, vacuum your home’s carpet and furniture often.

Change Your Air Filters Regularly

If you keep the interior temperatures of your home comfortable with a forced-air heating and cooling system, then you’ll need to change the air filters regularly. You may notice improvement by changing your filters every month or two rather than waiting and changing them quarterly. Be sure you are using air filters that are rated for your particular HVAC system.

Avoid Opening Windows

When spring arrives, it’s tempting to open the windows, but to avoid allergens, keep them shut. This includes your vehicle. If it’s warm outside, use your vehicle’s air conditioning instead.

Have a Professional Check Your Home

Many HVAC companies in Tallahassee provide air quality testing. At Advanced Air Care, we offer testing to help you determine the extent of your indoor air problem in Tallahassee. Our technicians are experienced, and they will complete a thorough inspection. Contact us at Advanced Air Care today.

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