5 Benefits of Improved Home Ventilation

Proper home ventilation removes toxins from the environment and improves our mental state. Since the majority of us in Panacea, Florida, spend the summer inside our air-conditioned homes, adequate ventilation is crucial. Here are a few benefits of improving your home ventilation.

Reduces Backdraft

Homes with negative pressure pull outside air in, which is a phenomenon known as backdrafting. Unfortunately, backdrafting is dangerous when it pulls carbon monoxide and other combustible gases into the home. With proper ventilation, you don’t have to worry about backdrafting risks because the home’s pressure remains controlled and stable.

Filters Our Allergens

Without ventilation, there’s nowhere for allergens like dust and pollen to go. Ventilation keeps these irritants from becoming trapped and concentrated inside the home, reducing allergy symptoms and making the indoor air quality much more healthy and breathable.

Decreases VOCs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are dangerous emissions from furnishings, paints, and household chemicals. In high concentrations, they can become toxic. Adequate ventilation prevents VOCs from concentrating in certain areas. Since it’s impossible to eliminate VOCs from the air altogether, you can rest assured that the levels are controlled enough to keep your family healthy.

Reduces Radon Gas

Although it’s only formed in certain parts of the country, radon gas is a colorless, odorless gas that has been linked to lung cancer. Homes located near caves, mines, or water treatment facilities are at the biggest risk of radon exposure. Fortunately, the right ventilation system will reduce radon concentrations.

Reduces Condensation

Florida is a humid place, which isn’t all that great for your home’s interior. Excess indoor humidity can lead to peeling wallpaper, wood damage, and even asthma or allergy symptoms. Ventilation systems remove water vapor directly from the air and disperse it outside where it belongs, controlling moisture levels and helping regulate the temperature.

If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s ventilation, call Advanced Air Care at 850-688-9265. Our expert technicians will take care of all your family’s HVAC needs.

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