All About Geothermal Heat Systems

Geothermal heat is one of the most energy efficient, low-impact ways to heat your home. Tallahassee, Florida winters can be chilly, but geothermal heating can help keep your house cozy even during the coldest days without breaking the bank. We’ve created a mini-guide to help you learn about these fantastic systems.

Move Not Make

Underneath the surface, the soil maintains a near-constant temperature thanks to the warmth from the sun. Instead of artificially changing the temperature via energy-consuming processes within the HVAC system, a geothermal system circulates the air underground, using the natural underground heat to warm the air.

The second law of thermodynamics does the rest: heat moves to areas where cold exists. The system then pumps the warmed air into your home for a low-energy heating solution.

Upfront vs Operational

One of the greatest concerns about geothermal systems is the cost. While the upfront cost is greater than a traditional HVAC unit, over time you’ll more than earn that cost back with impressive energy savings.

Due to the nature of the geothermal system, energy consumption is far lower than other heating methods. Since energy consumption is lower, that reduction will be reflected in your utility bill. Plus, since you’re drawing less energy, your environmental impact is significantly lower.


Geothermal systems aren’t just for new construction. While it is easier to hook up new construction to these systems, older homes can be retrofitted with geothermal systems easily and can benefit from this improved and energy-efficient heating delivery method.

With several different types of geothermal set-ups to choose from, a licensed technician can help you select which system will work best for your home.

Geothermal HVAC systems are becoming popular thanks to their energy efficiency and lowered utility cost. Advance Air Care Heating & Cooling LLC has experience installing geothermal systems — call 850-688-9265 and get a consultation today!

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