Benefits of Spring Heat Pump Maintenance in Crawfordville, FL

Most machines require regular maintenance to keep working efficiently, and a heat pump is no different. Spring is one of the best times to maintain your heat pump as this helps prepare the unit for the heavy task that awaits during summer. Discover the benefits you gain when you schedule spring heat pump maintenance in Crawfordville, FL.

Reduced Repair Costs

A maintenance procedure involves a thorough inspection of all system components. A technician can identify faulty parts during this inspection and repair them before the problem worsens. For instance, if there’s a loose component in your unit, the technician will fix it, preventing it from damaging other parts, such as fan blades.

Reduced Energy Costs

An inefficient heat pump consumes more energy to deliver the comfort you desire. Factors contributing to heat pump inefficiency include a clogged air filter, a dirty outdoor unit, a contaminated condenser, and refrigerant leaks. During a maintenance visit, a professional technician will clean all of the dirty components and replace your air filter to keep the system running efficiently.

Increased System Life

Unfortunately, your heat pump will not regulate your indoor temperatures efficiently forever. At some point, you will need to get a new system. Energy Star notes that a heat pump’s lifespan is roughly 10 years.

Your heat pump may not make it that far if you skip maintenance. This means you may need to replace your unit sooner rather than later, which is costly.

By cleaning all of the system parts and fixing refrigerant leaks, a technician can eliminate heat pump problems like short cycling or running constantly. Running constantly increases the strain on the system components, reducing the heat pump’s lifespan. A technician can also lubricate moving parts, thus reducing friction and wear and tear of moving parts.

Whenever you need reliable HVAC services, contact Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling. Our technicians have received high-level training and possess years of experience working on all types of HVAC systems. You can trust us with your unit.

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