Call a Pro for These Common Ductless Repairs in Crawfordville, FL

Ductless mini=splits are top quality and efficient when it comes to keeping your home warm during winter and cool in the summer, in Crawfordville, FL. However, even the best machines experience a few hitches from time to time and if ignored, they may cost you more to repair or replace. Here are some of the common ductless repairs you may experience with your ductless system and why you should let a professional fix them.

Condensate Line Clogs

Your ductless system relies on the condensate line to drain water, and this line is prone to the growth of bacteria and biologic growth. This causes the line to get clogged, holding water which is potentially harmful to your wall. You should call a professional contractor as soon as you notice that the condensate line isn’t dripping outside or is leaking inside to avoid even more repair expenses.

Refrigerant Leakages

Ductless systems have a refrigerant line connecting to the outdoor unit. One of the tell-tale signs of a leaking refrigerant is ice accumulating on your air handler’s coil or a decrease in cooling power. You should call an HVAC contractor and refrain from running the system before repair.

Faulty Indoor Air Handler

Your ductless heating system sends warm or cool air to all the air handlers in your home. A room may fail to get conditioned air if an air handler has a broken motor.

Let Us Repair Your Ductless System

A faulty ductless unit may cause your energy bill to be higher than anticipated unless you resolve the problem quickly. Our expert team of contractors is well equipped and trained to perform affordable ductless repairs. Visit our Advanced Air Care website for more about our heating or air conditioning services or give us a call today.

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