Debunking 3 Myths About Geothermal HVAC in Crawfordville, FL

A geothermal HVAC system just might be the most powerful and efficient way to heat your home in Crawfordville, FL this winter. Despite the many advantages that these systems offer their users, many persistent myths discourage people from trying them out. Debunk three of those myths today, especially if you’re considering one of these systems.

1. They Require Lots of Surrounding Land

Geothermal systems rely on a collection of underground pipes called an earth loop that has a solution of water and coolant flowing through it. Because they are underground, the temperature in these pipes is warmer than the air outside during a winter day, allowing the whole device to generate heat.

Since this is the case, you might think that you’d need a wide stretch of land under which to fit all of these pipes. Luckily, that isn’t necessarily true. An installation crew can arrange the pipes vertically so they can fit beneath a small land area.

2. They Require Tremendous Maintenance

The complexity of the earth loop system may give you pause and lead you to think that performing repairs and maintenance on a geothermal HVAC system must be exceptionally demanding. This is not the case. While a geothermal system would greatly benefit from annual maintenance, this is also true of virtually every other type of HVAC system.

3. They Are Expensive

The kernel of truth in this claim is that it is often expensive to install a geothermal HVAC system. However, the energy savings that this system can generate for you are so impressive that you will probably be able to recoup your initial investment before very long.

Furthermore, the pump itself can last for about 20 years, and the underground infrastructure can remain functional for as long as 50 years. This is another thing that allows you to save money in the long run.

Geothermal heat pumps can offer homeowners in Crawfordville, FL a truly marvelous level of energy efficiency. To enjoy that, all you need to do is call Advanced Air Care, Heating & Cooling LLC and request our geothermal HVAC services.

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