Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance Tips in Crawfordville, FL

Ductless mini-split systems are a popular HVAC choice for Crawfordville, FL homeowners who value energy efficiency and zone control. However, like any other heating and cooling system, they require regular maintenance to operate smoothly and last longer. Read on for some tips on keeping your ductless mini-split in working order.

Clean or Replace Your Air Filters Regularly

Ductless mini-split systems depend on clean air filters to operate efficiently and maintain indoor air quality. Over time, dust, debris and other particles can clog your air filters, reducing the airflow and causing your system to work harder and consume more energy. We recommend cleaning or replacing your air filters every one to three months, depending on usage and air quality.

Check Your Condenser Unit for Debris and Obstructions

The outdoor unit of your ductless mini-split system contains your condenser coil and fan, which help dissipate outdoor heat. However, if your unit is covered in leaves, twigs, dirt or other debris, it can hinder your system’s performance and damage the internal components. Therefore, we recommend using clearing the area around the outdoor unit. Actual cleaning of the unit should be completed by a trained professional.

Inspect Your Refrigerant Lines for Leaks and Damage

Your ductless mini-split system uses a refrigerant line to transfer heat between the outdoor and indoor units. If your refrigerant line develops a leak or damage, it can cause your system to lose cooling or heating capacity and even fail. Therefore, we recommend having a professional check your refrigerant lines regularly for any signs of leaks or damage, such as oily spots, frost or hissing sounds.

Clean Your Indoor Unit’s Coils and Fans

Your ductless mini-split system’s indoor unit contains your evaporator coil and fan, which help absorb indoor heat and release cool air. These components can also collect dust, dirt and other allergens over time, reducing your system’s efficiency and indoor air quality. Therefore, we recommend regularly cleaning your indoor unit’s coils and fans using a soft brush, vacuum, or wet cloth.

Schedule Annual Professional Maintenance

While regular DIY maintenance is essential for your ductless mini-split system’s longevity, scheduling annual professional maintenance can optimize its performance, durability and safety. A professional HVAC technician can inspect, tune up and clean your system’s internal components, including the refrigerant, electrical connections, thermostat and safety controls. They can also identify potential issues and recommend appropriate solutions before they become costly and disruptive.

Following these simple maintenance tips, you can keep your ductless mini-split air conditioning system running efficiently for years. Regular maintenance will save you money on energy bills and increase the lifespan of your system. Call Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling today and schedule your annual maintenance appointment to ensure that your system is ready for the upcoming hot summer days.

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