Extending Your HVAC System to Your Home’s New Addition

You’ve finally decided to increase the square footage in your Crawfordville, Florida, home. If you don’t employ professionals to correctly size and install new HVAC equipment for your home’s addition, you’ll face temperature and humidity problems in the new space. Consider some important factors before committing to an HVAC solution for your increased square footage.

Your HVAC System Will Need to Be Resized

When the technicians first installed your HVAC system, they sized it to heat and cool the square footage you used to have. Constructing an addition increases your square footage, which means your current HVAC system is no longer the correct size for your home. Even if you extend the ductwork into the new area, the room might not reach the temperature you desire.

Think About Adding an Additional Smaller Unit

Instead of buying a new HVAC system for the entire house, especially if your current system is well-maintained, consider buying a small unit just to serve the added space. A roof unit or another outdoor AC unit might do the trick. Our professional technicians can size it for your new space and create a new heating and cooling zone for your home.

Ductless Solves Retrofit Problems

You don’t have to install duct work in your new addition. In fact, if you’re not planning to upgrade your entire home’s HVAC system, then a ductless system for your new space is perfect. Ductless systems offer great zoning capabilities, energy efficiency, and typically operate from sleek wall-mounted units instead of vents in the floor or walls.

Call the professionals at Advanced Air Care Heating and Cooling when you’re thinking of building a new addition. We’ll happily recommend the best heating and cooling solutions for your new space and size your new unit correctly. If you already have a new addition and are dissatisfied with its temperature or indoor air quality, let us have a look at the space to find places that need improvement. Call us today at 850-688-9265.

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