Why Your Home Needs an Air Quality Test

It’s one thing to keep floating pollen particles from getting into your home, but the air quality threats you really need to worry about are the things you can’t see. The bacteria. The viruses. The mold and mildew spores. All of these will likely cause more damage to your health than some annoying pollen. Fortunately for residents of Tallahassee, Florida, there’s a way to fight off these invisible adversaries. Before you can eliminate contaminants, you have to know your target, and an air quality test will identify that. Here’s why your home needs an air quality test.

What’s an Air Quality Test?

You won’t be able to filter these invisible pollutants unless you have the help of trained specialists with the right equipment. These technicians can conduct a test using meters and measurements to look for bacteria, fungi, carbon dioxide, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and more. Once the test is completed, the technician compiles a thorough report that informs you of the threats to your health and possible methods to eliminate those threats.

Why Get an Air Quality Test?

You may notice that your daughter or son is coughing a lot. She’s also sneezing and you can’t get her tissues fast enough. At first, you think it’s just a common cold, but it won’t go away. What could be causing it? First and foremost, an indoor air quality test will alert you to any threats in your home. Once you’ve identified those threats, you can start to isolate and eliminate them. Be sure to stop using cleaners with VOCs. Do whatever you need to do.

In addition to building a healthier home by eliminating threats identified by the air quality test, reducing indoor pollution also improves the efficiency of your HVAC system and reduces utility costs.

Your home should be the one place where you always feel healthy. Start building a better home with an air quality test by calling Advanced Air Care Heating and Cooling at 850-688-9265.

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