How to Cool Additions and Converted Garages

Increasing the amount of living space in your home is a great way to boost property value. Whether it’s a converted garage or a room addition, the extra square footage enhances your quality of life too. In a subtropical climate like Florida, ensuring the new room is cool and comfortable is priority one. When extending your existing HVAC system into the space isn’t practical, ductless air conditioning offers a simple solution. Small, versatile and easy to install, ductless AC is an ideal choice for single-room cooling.

How Ductless Mini-Splits Work

Like conventional split systems, ductless mini-splits use refrigerant to extract heat from the air. Instead of distributing the cooled air through ductwork, however, the system delivers conditioned air directly into individual living spaces. The absence of ducts makes for an easy installation. An outdoor unit housing the compressor links to an indoor air handler via small cables. The only alteration made to your home during installation is a 3-inch hole positioned behind the indoor fan.

Benefits of Going Ductless

Available in multi-zone and single-zone systems, ductless mini-splits are perfect for room additions and converted spaces. They’re the most economical choice too. Compared with a room air conditioner, a single-zone unit cuts cooling costs by 30 percent. Ductless AC offers additional benefits as well, including:

  • A handheld remote lets you alter settings from the comfort of your bed, sofa or favorite easy chair.
  • The unit’s whisper-quiet operation means you can watch TV or hold a conversation without interruption.
  • Ductless systems can provide both heating and cooling for a comfortable environment in every season.
  • Sleek, compact and unobtrusive, the air handling unit integrates seamlessly into any style of décor.

Ductless AC Installation

For optimal results, it’s important to select an HVAC contractor experienced in ductless installation. Advanced Air Care Heating and Cooling has years of experience installing ductless systems throughout the Tallahassee metropolitan area. For additional information about these innovative products, check out our ductless mini-split section or call 850-688-9265.

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