How to Keep HVAC Bills Under Control

Warm temperatures and high humidity levels tend to stick around for most of the year in Carrabelle, Florida, often resulting in expensive utility bills. Follow these helpful tips to trim your bills and keep your home’s HVAC system operating efficiently.

Seal the Doors and Windows

If you have cracks or gaps around your exterior doors and windows, your home is not nearly as efficient as it could be, so it’s time to make some changes. The conditioned air from the HVAC unit will escape through those gaps, while outdoor air can make its way into the space. Use weather-stripping and caulk to seal around doors and windows. This simple task will improve the efficiency and help keep your bills a bit lower.

Maintain Your Unit

Regular maintenance is necessary for your heating and cooling system. You should have your air conditioner serviced every spring and your heating system every fall. During a tuneup, an HVAC technician will inspect all components of the system, as well as perform testing to ensure proper airflow. The technician can identify and fix any problems immediately, instead of allowing your system to continue running inefficiently.

Program Your Thermostat

Many people forget to program their thermostats as the seasons change, resulting in more manual adjustments that can be costly. Every time you manually change the temperature on the thermostat, the system has to cycle on and off more frequently, which uses more energy. Instead of making these adjustments, set a reminder in your phone to alter the programmable thermostat’s schedule at the start of each new season or when your schedule changes.

Swap Out the Filter

Your HVAC system can’t operate efficiently when its filter is clogged with debris. Replacing the filter often is an easy way to make sure that air can flow freely, which will improve the efficiency and provide cleaner indoor air to breathe.

If your energy bills seem high it may be time for HVAC maintenance. Contact our team of HVAC professionals at Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling by calling 850-688-9265.

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