How to Make Your Heat Pump Last Longer in Crawfordville, FL

A heat pump cannot maintain its efficient performance forever. However, there are steps that you can take to increase its longevity. Below, we will explore some tips for making a heat pump last longer in Crawfordville, FL.

Hire Professionals to Work on Your System

You may want to repair your heat pump after watching a few HVAC videos. You may also want to engage the services of an uncertified technician whose services are cheaper to save on costs.

However, both actions are detrimental to your heat pump’s efficiency and long life. You should always engage professional technicians who have the proper knowledge, experience, and certifications to repair and install your heat pump.

Change Your Air Filter Frequently

An air filter protects your heat pump from contaminants in the air. It also prevents these pollutants from circulating in your living space, protecting your family from issues associated with poor indoor air quality, such as sneezing, coughing, nasal congestion, and headaches.

Catching large amounts of these pollutants results in a clogged air filter. This means, your system will struggle to pull air into the heat pump.

This causes the system to overwork and puts a lot of strain on its components, causing them to break down often. Consider inspecting your air filter often and changing it when it looks dirty.

Schedule Maintenance

Like your vehicle requires maintenance to continue serving you well, so does your heat pump. When technicians come over for a maintenance procedure, they will clean all the system components, lubricate the moving parts, fix any damaged components and check your electrical connections. These practices help address problems before they worsen, increasing your system’s life.

Pay Attention to the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit requires proper airflow to efficiently draw heat from the outdoor air. You should clear any vegetation around the unit to promote proper airflow. You can also erect a fence around it to keep pets from rubbing against it and dropping fur that may clog the unit.

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