Managing Seasonal Allergies

From spring pollen and summer grasses to autumn ragweed and winter mold spores, outdoor allergens can make you feel miserable in any season. Staying indoors can help alleviate the flu-like symptoms associated with seasonal allergies, providing that you take steps to address indoor air quality issues. The following strategies can help the allergy sufferers in your household breathe cleaner and healthier air.

Quick Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Use these simple tips to reduce your exposure to seasonal allergens:

  • Establish a designated place near the door where everyone can park their shoes, bags and outerwear.
  • Don’t hang clothes and bedding out to dry where they can collect pollen.
  • Wash your hair in the evening so you don’t bring allergens to bed.
  • Dust and vacuum frequently to remove pollen that settles on furnishings and floors.

Keep Cool and Carry On

In warm-weather regions like Tallahassee, Florida, trees can produce pollen as early as January. Ragweed season can run as late as November. When rising temperatures exacerbate your symptoms, the National Institutes of Health recommends that you keep windows closed and use your air conditioner to keep cool. To ensure that your AC system carries on in peak working condition:

  • Change the AC air filter every month during allergy season.
  • Keep the condensate pan clean and the drain line unobstructed.
  • Schedule regular AC maintenance with a qualified HVAC professional.

Additional HVAC Solutions

At Advanced Air Care, we offer a broad selection of air purification products designed to rid your home of airborne allergens, from whole-house filters that work with your existing ductwork system to dehumidifiers that help keep mold spores at bay. Our advanced air purification products include models that not only attack allergens but kill viruses and bacteria as well.

For more information about ways to manage your seasonal allergies and enjoy a healthier environment at home, explore our indoor air quality services or call 850-688-9265 today.

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