The Ideal Home Temperatures for Summer

With heat up into the 90s and higher during summers in Crawfordville, FL, you will need your AC unit to work. At the perfect temperature, your central air can be a lifesaver from the heat and humidity. This article looks at ideal home temperatures for the summer months.

The Perfect Summer Temperature

In the summertime, you can set your thermostat at around 76 to ensure comfy, moderate coolness but not cold air in your home. That’s also an optimal temperature to keep your utility bill within reason. The lower you set your thermostat, the more energy you will use and the higher your electric bill will be.

How to Keep the Cool Inside When You’re Away

When you leave for work, school or to run errands, you can turn your AC up 7-8 degrees to conserve energy. Keeping blinds closed during the day will hold the cool air in until you get home. Then you can turn the air conditioning down, and your home will be cooled off again before too long.

Temperature When You’re Sleeping

Many people sleep better in a slightly cooler than normal room. That being said, efficiency-wise, it’s preferable to keep the nighttime temperature around 78, but some people like to be a little chilly with the temperature in the low 70’s. If you’re not the only one making thermostat decisions, you might have to vote on the coolness level.

Regular AC Maintenance for Better Performance

It’s a good idea to set up a maintenance appointment for your air conditioner well before summer hits Crawfordville, FL. An air conditioning unit that is properly maintained will serve you better in the sweltering summer heat of Florida.

When you’re ready to set up an appointment for your AC maintenance, you can give us a call at Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling. We’d be happy to set up a service call at your convenience.

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