The Importance of Humidity Control for Your HVAC System

Everyone with a home in Crawfordville, FL is familiar with the oppressive humidity that makes the summer uncomfortable. However, controlling the humidity in your home is more important than just your comfort. Discover the ideal indoor humidity control level, why it’s so important and options to control it.

What’s the Right Amount of Humidity?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the ideal indoor humidity is between 30% and 50% relative. We don’t normally have to worry about low humidity control levels in the Florida panhandle. However, excessive humidity is a real concern, especially over the hot summers.

Why Does Uncontrolled Humidity Matter?

Biological contaminants, like various spores, thrive in moist and dark environments. When the humidity exceeds 50% relative, it creates exactly this kind of environment in your home. It erodes your air quality, leading to more allergy attacks, damage to surfaces and additional AC repairs.

Signs You Have Too Much Humidity

Paying attention to the comfort in your home, you may notice when the humidity is too high. However, there are additional signs to watch for, including:

  • Moisture on windows or doors
  • Musty odors
  • Damage to painted surfaces or wood floors
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Worsening allergies or respiratory irritation

Does My HVAC System Remove Humidity?

The short answer is that yes, your HVAC system will remove some humidity, with air conditioning removing more than heat. This happens because your air conditioner works by chilling the evaporator coils to transfer heat into the refrigerant. As the circulating air moves over the coils, the humidity will condense on the coils, removing it from the air.

However, with the excessive humidity around Crawfordville, FL, your air conditioner may not remove enough. You may want to consider additional dehumidification, either as a whole-house option or in overly humid areas.

Don’t let the high Florida humidity ruin your house or your time at home. Call today to schedule a consultation with our indoor air quality experts at Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling.

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