Top 3 Features of Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless systems have stood the test of time in providing comfort solutions to homeowners all over the world. The popularity of ductless mini-splits can be attributed to the advantages they offer over central heating and cooling systems. Below are some of the features that make mini-splits perfect for your Crawfordville, FL, home.

1. Ductless Mini-Splits are Small in Size

Mini-splits are ideal for small living spaces such as an added-on room, apartment, or a home with smaller square footage. If you own a smaller home that previously lacked air conditioning or you are upgrading to a new one, a mini-split would be the ideal solution.

Experts recommend these compact air conditioners for smaller living spaces and homes that currently do not have ductwork. Mini-splits are available in sleek and stylish designs that blend seamlessly with your home. The outdoor units are also compact and are flexible on where they can be installed.

2. Lower Initial Costs

When considering how much your HVAC system has set you back, it is important to consider not only the operational costs but also the installation and necessary modification to your home. With a conventional central HVAC, walls may have to be modified for the installation of ductwork.

A mini-split purchase and installation varies depending on the number of individual units you’ll need. Comparing costs and benefits of ductless mini-splits and traditional AC systems are a wise step. A mini-split may cost a little more than the central HVAC system in cooling. However, you should keep in mind that with mini-splits, you can zone your home and only cool the rooms that are being occupied, plus they are excellent at cleaning the air.

3. Energy-Efficient Cooling

For most homeowners, the cost of cooling accounts for almost half of what they pay in utility bills. A ductless system can come in handy by reducing energy use by as much as 30%. Lack of ductwork translates to lesser energy waste.

Without cycling on and off, a ductless mini-split can maintain your desired comfort while using only the necessary energy required to cool or heat your room. A mini-split is far more efficient than the highest energy-rated window air conditioner.

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