What Does SEER Mean?

When you’re seeking insight about which HVAC system is right for your Florida home or business, comparing SEER ratings helps ensure that your future doesn’t include sky-high cooling costs. The energy efficiency of air conditioning systems is rated by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), which represents the amount of cooling the product produces divided by the total electrical usage. The greater the rating, the more money you’ll save each month on your utility bills.

The New Federal SEER Standards

The Department of Energy has established new SEER ratings for products manufactured after January 1, 2015. Because cooling demands vary by region, the new government regulations were amended to set different minimum efficiency levels for states in the South than for northern states. In North Florida, new split system central air conditioners and heat pumps must be at least 14 SEER.

How High Can Ratings Go?

Thanks to a variety of new technologies, many of today’s air conditioners far exceed the minimum SEER rating. An AC system with a SEER of 20 or higher is not uncommon, which is good news when you live in the humid subtropical climate of North Florida. Air conditioning accounts for 27 percent of residential energy use in Florida, according to the Energy Information Administration, so it pays to invest in an HVAC system with the highest SEER possible.

What About Comfort?

Many of the energy-saving features built into modern air conditioners are designed to enhance your comfort while they save you money. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends looking for features like variable-speed fans, two-stage compressors, quiet operation and automated controls.
Serving the Tallahassee and Crawfordville region, Advanced Air Care offers a wealth of accurate information when it comes to selecting the energy-efficient HVAC system best for you. To learn more about comfort systems engineered for great performance and optimal savings, call Advanced Air Care at (850) 688-9265 today.

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