What Does Variable Speed HVAC Mean?

Although advances in technology tend to bring thoughts of smartphones and computers to mind, the HVAC industry has benefited significantly from modern innovation. Variable speed technology in heating and cooling equipment offers significant benefits for managing the cost and quality of your home comfort control. If you are faced with the need to replace your system in the near future, a variable speed HVAC solution could be an excellent choice for your home.

Full Speed Is Not Always Needed

Before variable speed HVAC equipment was developed, the options for heating and cooling a structure were on or off. Comfort management simply involved operating equipment until the desired temperature was reached. However, heating or cooling at full force can be uncomfortable when weather conditions are mild. Additionally, heating and cooling at full intensity can result in significant swings in the indoor temperature of your home. Variable speed equipment makes it possible to heat or cool with less than full intensity while maintaining a more consistent temperature throughout the home. Your temperature goals can be met without some areas of the structure feeling like an oven or a refrigerator.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Control with Speed Management

By reducing the output of your equipment to match the load in your home, you improve energy efficiency while achieving optimum comfort levels. This means that energy costs can be reduced as well. A variable speed heat pump could save you up to 40 percent on costs to heat and cool your home. The most basic options in variable speed systems can save at least 10 percent in comparison to single-speed systems.

Expert Input for the Right System

Finding the right variable speed system without professional input can be a hit-and-miss situation. At Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling, we are able to calculate the heating and cooling loads of your home to identify the best system models for your structure. We offer free quotes and expert advice to help you in identifying the ideal system while keeping your budget constraints in mind. Call us to arrange for an estimate today.

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