What Makes My Heat Pump Run All the Time in Sopchoppy, FL?

Heat pumps run consistently to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures in Sopchoppy, FL. However, consistency doesn’t mean frequent or short cycling that increases heating costs. Here are a few reasons why your heat pump is always running.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters are the simplest thing to correct with a heat pump. Many HVAC contractors recommend changing the filters once every three months, or more frequently if needed.

However, changing the air filters more often controls dander and pet hair accumulation in the system if you have indoor pets. In addition, reusable air filters are convenient and save money.

Unnecessarily High Thermostat Settings

The subtropical climate in Sopchoppy, FL brings mild winters. There’s no point in setting the thermostat too high to maintain comfortable temperatures.

During heating maintenance, HVAC contractors will assess the thermostat for proper function. They recommend proper thermostat settings to prevent frequent cycling and wear and tear on your heat pump.

Defrost Failures on Condenser

According to This Old House’s guide to how heat pumps work, a heat pump’s defrost cycle is critical for proper operations in all seasons.

If the condenser freezes, you need an HVAC professional to complete repairs and restore function. You should never attempt to take on heating repairs yourself; a professional helps you retain your product warranty coverage.

Our HVAC technicians can assess your heat pump, and determine if surrounding debris is the problem. Sometimes, leaves and debris around the condenser prevent proper airflow. However, freezing condensation on the casing is the most common culprit for this problem.

Prevalent reasons that cause heat pumps to run too often show you when it’s time to get professional heating services. Contact us at Advanced Air Care Heating and Cooling to set up heating repair services today.

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