What You Need to Know About SEER

When you live in warm, sunny Panacea, Florida, investing in an energy-efficient air conditioner is essential. Learn what an air conditioner’s SEER rating means, where you can find it, and which ratings are optimal for energy efficiency.

What SEER Means

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, and this rating refers to a measurement of efficiency for all types of cooling systems. Both air conditioners and heat pumps have SEER ratings. Since this figure indicates the overall cooling output over the course of a cooling season divided by the total energy input, a higher number reflects better energy efficiency for all types of cooling systems.

Where to Find a SEER Rating

When you’re shopping for a new air conditioner or heat pump, you’ll typically see a bright yellow Energy Guide label on the appliance. This label reveals the system’s SEER rating, along with other useful information like the estimated cost of operation.

If you can’t find the Energy Guide label, try looking for the system’s model number instead. The digits at the beginning of the model number generally reflect the unit’s SEER rating.

Which Ratings Are Best

While some older systems have much lower energy efficiency ratings, today, the minimum rating for new cooling systems is 14. At Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling, we offer a handful of high-quality Trane air conditioners that pass the SEER test with flying colors. Replace your outdated cooling system with our Trane XC14 air conditioner or 14HPX heat pump, both of which have a rating of 14, and you can save big when it comes to energy and utility costs.

To save even more energy, look for a higher SEER rating. Our Trane XP25 heat pump has a SEER rating of up to 23.5, while our XC25 air conditioner has a SEER rating of up to 26. Both rely on Precise Comfort technology to help your home maintain the perfect temperature and humidity level without wasting energy.

Considering an air conditioner upgrade for your home? Call us at Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling, LLC to learn more about our energy-efficient cooling systems: 850-688-9265.

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