Why Is My Ductless System in Panacea, FL, Leaking Water?

There are many signs your ductless system in Panacea, FL has an underlying problem. One of the most common signs is water leaks. Learn more about some possible causes of your ductless system leaking water.

Drain Line Issues

Besides regulating your indoor temperatures, a ductless system also removes excessive humidity from the indoor air to maintain comfortable humidity levels in your home. This moisture collects in a drain pan, and the drain line disposes it to the outside surroundings.

Over time, dirt and debris can clog the drain line, preventing water from draining away. Since the water has nowhere to go, it stagnates in the drain pan. The stagnant water starts overflowing with time.

Also, the drain line may become loose with time, allowing some water to leak. Schedule regular maintenance services to keep your drain lines clean and well-connected.

A Damaged Drain Pan

It’s normal for rust to build up on your drain pan over time, and when rust damages the pan, water starts leaking. Have a technician replace the pan to eliminate the issue.

Frozen Coils

Your ductless system’s coils may freeze due to various reasons. For instance, a clogged air filter may block enough air from entering the heat pump, creating airflow issues. The airflow problems make the coils freeze.

The coils may also freeze if they are too dirty. This is because the layer of dirt prevents the coils from absorbing heat to melt the accumulated ice.

Refrigerant leaks can also make the coil freeze, as low refrigerant levels cannot transport enough heat to the frozen areas to melt the accumulated ice. When the ice coating the coils melts, you will notice water leaks from your ductless system.

Water leaks can make your system components rust, so it’s not wise to ignore the issue. Call the ductless experts at Advanced Air Care, Heating & Cooling LLC whenever you notice anything strange with your system.

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