Why Is My Furnace Always Running?

When the weather turns cooler during the winter months, homeowners in Panacea, Florida, rely on their heating systems to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere. However, if you notice your furnace is constantly running, you may have a problem with its efficiency. The efficiency of a furnace is directly tied to how much energy it uses and the cost to operate. Therefore, a constantly running HVAC unit could get expensive.

Improperly Sized Furnace

One of the key indicators of a furnace that is too small is hearing it running constantly. When the unit is improperly sized, it has to run for longer periods to produce enough air to warm every room of the home. As a result, your energy bills will go up, and you’ll hear the furnace operation sounds throughout much of the day and night.

Restricted Airflow

The air produced and moved by your heating system should flow freely through the unit and the ducts. However, certain factors can impact this airflow, such as a dirty filter or damaged ducts. A dirty, clogged filter will prevent air from moving through the system as efficiently as it should. Luckily, this is an easy fix.

Damaged ducts aren’t quite as easy to resolve, although an HVAC technician will be able to patch up gaps or leaks. If not, you may end up needing new ductwork, but having new ducts installed will improve your heating system’s efficiency and reduce waste. Closing the vents in certain rooms of the home can also restrict the airflow, causing pressure to build up in the system.

Damaged Components

Within your furnace are many moving parts that all play a role in the production and movement of warm air. If any of these components become damaged or slip out of place, the furnace may have to work overtime to compensate for the internal issue. Regular HVAC maintenance can reduce the risk of damaged components within your unit, so make sure to keep up with tune-ups every fall.

If your heating system is always running, contact us at Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling by calling 850-688-9265.

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