Why Is My Heat Pump in Sopchoppy, FL So Noisy?

If you use a heat pump in Sopchoppy, FL in order to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, you may have noticed some loud noises emanating from it. You should expect to hear certain noises because of the cycles that heat pumps go through. However, thumping, gurgling and hissing noises may indicate that a component needs some attention.

Swooshing Noises

When a heat pump transitions between heating and cooling modes, the flow of refrigerant needs to switch. This can result in a swooshing noise that goes on for a few seconds. Sometimes, you might also hear a louder noise when the compressor shuts down, allowing the refrigerant pressure to equalize.

Vibrating Noises

A heat pump does a lot of work when it transfers heat from one place to another. The movement required for this energy transfer can sometimes result in a vibrating noise. Some systems make more noise than others; but, in general, these vibrations shouldn’t cause concern.

Problematic Noises

On the other hand, various issues could result in unusual noises. Something that obstructs the compressor’s fan blade, such as a twig, ice or a loose wire, could cause a thumping noise. If this obstruction stays in place, it may throw the system out of balance and could potentially do permanent damage to the fan motor.

A defective valve could cause a hissing sound, and this would certainly call for a repair service. In addition, if your system doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it could start to gurgle. This should warrant a call for professional help as well since refrigerant allows the heat pump system to do its job effectively.

Reach Out to Us

Heat pumps typically make several noises, including swooshing. If you ever notice a louder noise like thumping or hissing, though, you should reach out for help. Call us at Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling if you need any type of heat pump service in Sopchoppy, FL.

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