Why We Calculate Loads for Commercial HVAC

Working in and near sunny Tallahassee, Florida, means that you should take care to install the right-sized commercial HVAC system to keep your workspace cool and comfortable throughout the year. Since many workspaces consist of more than just one room, it’s important that the entire space is properly accounted for when installing a commercial HVAC system. We calculate cooling loads for commercial HVAC systems according to ACCA Manual J specifications to make sure money isn’t being wasted on installing a larger than needed system and energy costs.

Why You Should Calculate Loads Before Installation

In the past, HVAC contractors have used a rule of thumb when choosing the size of the HVAC system to install. However, using a rule of thumb for 400 to 600 square feet per ton may result in installing a larger than needed system, especially if your space is well insulated. A system that’s too large will cool the space faster, but if it turns on and off more than necessary, that reduces the system’s longevity. Not to mention, the space will feel humid because the system wasn’t on long enough to properly dehumidify the air.

How to Calculate Commercial HVAC Loads

Manual J HVAC load calculations do not use a blanket rule of thumb. Rather, the calculations include data from the space, including insulation levels and window types, to determine how much heating and cooling the space needs at peak conditions. Calculations will include each room, zone, and the entire space. You can rest assured that we’ll calculate the load precisely to help you get the right-sized system.

Benefits to the Business

Having a properly sized commercial HVAC system installed in your workspace means you’ll have an energy-efficient system. You won’t waste money on installing a larger system, and your air will be properly dehumidified, which will keep your workspace comfortable. Spending less on your HVAC system means you can put your money where your business needs it.

Save money now by installing the right-sized commercial HVAC system. Call Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling, LLC today at 850-688-9265.

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