5 Reasons to Add Ductless HVAC

Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature in Panacea, Florida, can be a challenge. Between the high humidity levels and the changing temperatures, it’s not easy to keep your home comfortable without running your HVAC system frequently. One way to improve indoor comfort is to add ductless HVAC, which can make a big difference in how it feels within the space. A ductless HVAC system comes with a number of other benefits, as well, so take a closer look to see how it could benefit your home.

Improved Flexibility

In a house with a traditional heating and cooling system, it’s not easy to target specific areas of the space to warm them up or cool them down. You end up running the HVAC system for longer periods of time in order to remove excess humidity and manage the temperature, which can get expensive. A ductless system, also referred to as a mini-split, is a single unit placed in a specific zone of the house. You can have multiple mini-splits, each of which is controlled by its own thermostat or remote control.

Adding ductless units to your home can improve the flexibility of your space because you have more control over the temperature in a certain room or zone. If you prefer your bedroom to feel cooler when you’re falling asleep at night, simply adjust the thermostat on the unit in that zone. You can maintain different temperatures in the various zones that you set up, creating a more flexible atmosphere.

Healthier Indoor Air

Poor indoor air quality is a growing problem that impacts millions of people across the nation. The air you breathe indoors can be substantially more polluted than anything you’d breathe outside, which can lead to health symptoms like congestion, throat and eye irritation, and coughing. The ducts in your HVAC system could be partly to blame for poor indoor air quality in your home. These ducts often collect dirt, dust, pet hair, pollen, dander, and other debris, which are then recirculated in the home every time the HVAC system runs.

Having the ducts cleaned regularly can help improve the indoor air quality, but adding ductless units is another way to combat dirty air. These units contain their own multi-stage filtration systems to remove contaminants from the air. Additionally, they don’t use ducts so they’re not moving air through the entire house.

Reduction of Energy Waste

Cooling down or warming up the entire house can be wasteful, especially in areas of the home that are not currently in use. Using a ductless system to target the rooms you use most can help reduce energy waste, which can lower your home’s carbon footprint. Newer units follow the guidelines set forth by ENERGY STAR, which means they’re more efficient than your traditional furnace and central air conditioner. A ductless system also uses a type of refrigerant that is known for its zero-ozone depletion potential, which means it has a lower environmental impact.

Cost Savings

Although there is a cost associated with installing a ductless system in your home, the money you can save over the life of the unit can help offset that cost. Since a mini-split uses less energy and operates more efficiently, the result is lower monthly bills. Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice the comfort of your home to attain these cost savings. You’ll notice even more substantial savings if you’re using your ductless unit in place of inefficient options like air conditioning window units, electric baseboard heaters, and space heaters.

Boosted Comfort in a Home Addition

If you’ve added on to your home recently, you may notice that it’s tough to keep that new space comfortable. A ductless unit is a perfect solution in this situation, as it’s quick and easy to install and will deliver targeted heating and cooling to that zone. The HVAC technician who installs the unit can size it properly for the added space, ensuring efficient airflow without putting extra pressure on your central HVAC system.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the benefits of ductless HVAC in your home, we’d be glad to give you more information. Call us at Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling at 850-688-9265.

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