4 Ideal Places to Install a Mini-Split System

Keeping your Crawfordville, Florida, home cool isn’t always easy, but ductless air conditioning systems, also called mini-splits, can help. Learn why mini-split systems are ideal for new additions, bonus rooms, and other hard-to-cool parts of your home.


Mini-split systems are designed to heat or cool certain rooms and select zones where you need it the most. Sunrooms are some of the most challenging rooms to keep comfortable, since they’re often converted from porches and patios. That means they might not have the ductwork necessary to connect to your home’s HVAC system.

Since mini-split systems don’t require ductwork, they’re ideal for sunrooms. At Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling, our team of experienced air conditioning technicians can install a mini-split system in just a few hours. All it takes is finding an appropriate location for an indoor and an outdoor unit and drilling a small hole in your home’s exterior to connect them.

Even if your sunroom is connected to your home’s central air conditioner, large windows and skylights tend to let in ample sunlight that naturally warms the room. If your central air conditioner just can’t keep up with your cooling demands, our ductless systems are still a smart choice for this room. A ductless system can give your sunroom an extra boost of cool air, which keeps your family comfortable and lessens the burden on your air conditioner.

Bonus Rooms

Bonus rooms have their fair share of pluses and minuses. They add valuable square footage to your home, but they often lack ductwork or adequate insulation, which means they’re hard to keep comfortable. If you want to turn your bonus room into an office or a playroom but don’t know how to keep it cool, a mini-split system could be just what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re planning to stock your bonus room with work-ready computers and digital gadgets or kid-friendly toys and games, keeping the room secure is essential. Window-based room air conditioners might meet your cooling needs, but they present security concerns and make window access easy. Mini-splits ensure that your bonus room stays comfortable without creating unnecessary risks.

New Additions

With construction, design, and permit costs, adding a new addition to your home can be incredibly expensive before you factor in HVAC upgrades. After all, a new addition requires much more than just a ductwork extension. Whether you’ve added a single room or an entire wing onto your home, our technicians typically recommend recalculating your home’s cooling load. If your cooling needs have increased significantly, it might be time to replace your central air system altogether.

If you’d rather avoid the expense and hassle of connecting your new addition to your existing HVAC system, consider one of our mini-split systems instead. Depending on the size of the addition, one or more indoor units can provide cooling that’s more than adequate.

Converted Garages

Converting a garage to a media room or a den is a great way to add a little more space to your home without undergoing a major construction project. If you’re planning to install a large-screen TV, entertainment center, or surround-sound system in your converted garage, though, you’ll want to make sure the room has year-round climate control.

One of the greatest benefits of mini-splits is that they can either heat or cool, depending on your needs. Keep your ductless system set to cool for most of the year, and turn it to heat during the winter to protect your investment all year long.

As an added bonus, mini-split systems even offer multiple options to keep your indoor air quality high. Whether you want to eliminate that lingering garage odor, lower humidity levels, or remove dust and pollen from the air, our ductless systems are up to the task. Since these systems are easy to maintain, you can look forward to clean, pure air in any season.

Which room in your home would be ideal for a mini-split system? Call Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling, LLC to learn more about the best cooling system options for your home: 850-688-9265.

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