4 Signs You Have a Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak is a common HVAC issue that causes a variety of problems for Crawfordville, Florida, homeowners. Warm air exiting your vents, a frozen evaporator coil, a hissing sound from your outside unit, and increasing utility bills can all signal a refrigerant leak.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

A frozen evaporator coil is one sign of a refrigerant leak. When there isn’t an adequate amount of refrigerant circulating through the coil, it becomes unable to absorb enough heat to continue operating correctly. As a result, condensation forms on the coil and freezes. If you see ice inside your outdoor unit, turn off your HVAC system to prevent a breakdown.

High Utility Bills

An air conditioner that’s low on refrigerant will have a hard time cooling your house. It’ll run almost constantly in an attempt to meet your thermostat’s settings, driving up your utility bills.

Warm Air

Refrigerant absorbs warm air from your home and sends it outside. But when your HVAC system is low on refrigerant, it can’t absorb enough heat from the atmosphere to properly cool your home, and you’ll also notice warm air coming out of your vents.

Hissing Sound

Refrigerant leaks are caused by punctures or holes in the refrigerant line. When refrigerant escapes from these holes, it emits a hissing sound. So, if you notice this sound coming from your outside unit, you may have a refrigerant leak.

What to Do

If you suspect you have a refrigerant leak, have your HVAC system inspected. Left untreated, a leak can damage your unit and skyrocket your utility bills. Keep in mind that it’s important to determine the cause of the leak and repair it instead of just adding more refrigerant. Refilling your refrigerant is a short-term solution, and you’ll probably end up having the same issues in the near future. While refrigerant leaks often occur due to aging parts, it’s sometimes possible to avoid them by having regular preventive maintenance performed on your unit.

If you need your HVAC unit inspected, give us a call at Advanced Air Care Heating & Cooling. Our technicians are certified, reliable, and courteous.

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