Do Ductless HVAC Systems Save Money?

Whether you’re upgrading your current HVAC system or installing one in a new-construction home, it’s important to install an energy-efficient system. Over the past decade or so, ductless mini-split systems have become a popular HVAC option in Carrabelle, Florida. These systems are known to save on heating and cooling costs as well as improve indoor comfort. Ductless systems boast high efficiency ratings and lead to better indoor comfort when compared to traditional central heating and air conditioning.

Improved Indoor Comfort

You can use ductless mini-split systems as a multi-zoned cooling solution. With this type of cooling, you gain the ability to cool different parts of your home according to different temperatures. Maybe there is a part of your home that has a lot of natural sunlight coming through windows. This part of the house tends to stay warmer than other parts. With zoned cooling, you can cool this part of the home to a lower temperature. Being able to control the temperature in different zones in the home will improve indoor comfort and, just as important, save money.

Smaller Units

When choosing an HVAC system for your home, it’s important to remember that ductless systems use smaller air handlers when compared to forced-air systems and don’t use ductwork. These smaller units consume less energy during operation. Using less energy results in lower cooling bills. You can choose how many indoor units you want, which is based on how many areas or zones are established within your home.

No Air Loss Through Ducts

With forced-air systems, cooled and heated air travels through ductwork, and damaged ductwork is often a culprit of major air loss. Ductless systems eliminate the possibility of air loss through ducts. Not having to install ductwork is particularly advantageous when putting an addition on your home. You can save hundreds of dollars by not having to reroute or add to your duct system.

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