Tips that Help Your AC Be More Effective

In several respects, a home HVAC system is like a car: It is an absolutely necessary part of modern life, it’s a significant financial investment, and importantly, it runs far more efficiently when well cared for. Like a car, a home’s AC carries an energy efficiency rating. But without a few simple steps toward regular maintenance, the system will not perform as effectively as possible. The result is wasted money on energy bills and a Crawfordville, FL home that is not as comfortable as it could be.

Change Filters Regularly

A critical aspect of AC efficiency is a clean HVAC filter. A dirty filter prohibits airflow and can introduce dust and dirt into the evaporator coil. This reduces the coil’s ability to properly absorb heat, so the system requires more energy. Replacing HVAC filters at least every 90 days reduces energy use by as much as 15% and can also help extend the life of an air conditioner.

Clean Condensation Line

When an air conditioner cools a home, condensation is created. The condensation line is essentially a drain that moves condensation to the outdoors. Dust, dirt, and even algae can build up within the line and clog it, which in turn prevents the AC from efficiently removing humidity from the home. Condensation lines should be regularly cleaned out to avoid clogging.

Yearly Professional AC Maintenance

While some parts of an AC maintenance routine are easily accomplished by a homeowner, there are several aspects that require professional AC maintenance. All manufacturers and reputable dealers recommend yearly spring maintenance to ensure that a unit is performing at its highest efficiency during the warm months. Yearly maintenance can also help to avoid a mechanical problem during the warm months when an AC is working its hardest to keep a home comfortable.

To discover more ideas for maximizing HVAC system efficiency, check out Advanced Air Care online or call them at 850-688-9265 to schedule a maintenance appointment.

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